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Lorenzo Samuel

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Eve of Valor: 25 Tales

  25 speculative fiction stories of adventurous women from the pen of Lorenzo Samuel - Eve spending a life sentence in her solitary prison as in "The Creator" to a homemaker struggling for a meaningful life as in "Takeing Charge."

​  Unique in setting, plot, and characterization, in each story our heroine tries to do the best she can to handle her issues, from a wife and mother who lost herself as in "Family Life" to a woman trapped in an emotionless relationship who reaches into fantasy for a full life of love as in "Power of Love."

Pregnancy vs career in "Life on Another Planet." Making women act like men in "Youth." Lying to gain success in "Deception." Developing humanity in "Eating Children." Career gone bad in "Anna." Turning a defect into victory in "The Great Human." Persisting in a goal in "Salvation." Change of being in "Speed." The rewards of responsibility in "Bees."

  This book is an expansion of the earlier book A Storm of Flowers. It contains all the above stories in that book (see above) plus eleven more speculative tales.

Other Offerings


Storm of Flowers - Contains 14 speculative fiction tales from Eve of Valor: 25 Tales.


Shrink Assault, A Bitter-Humor Look at the Psychs' Evil Empire - The main body of the book has several hundred bitter humor jokes at the expense of our "friends," the psychiatrists. The front part of the book contains a dozen essays in the same vein as the jokes.

copyrighted material

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