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  My speculative fiction pen name is Lorenzo Samuel, which is a good enough place for Lawrence Wiley (real name) to start as any. "Lorenzo" burgeoned forth as a result of first-year Spanish class in high school. My best friend was David, pronounced Da-VIDE in Spanish. I called him that, and he called me "Lorenzo," which is my given name "Lawrence" in Spanish. "Samuel" is my real middle name. In knowing these things begins the understanding of this author.

  The only reason I took a foreign language was that the high school Fort Wayne South required one to graduate. No one needed to twist my arm for science and mathematics subjects, however. I loved them, and they were easy for me. Taking the easy way led me into a career as a chemist. For various reasons, I traveled from there to college administrator, religious counselor, and attorney. Oh, I didn't mention my several failed attempts to sell things.

  Through all of this Lorenzo slept. His eyes would slide open whenever I read something interesting, but he would yawn and slumber again as if he were bored. Then, one day I started reading Isaac Asimov's trilogy, FoundationFoundation and Empire, and Second Foundation. Lorenzo sprung awake and ate it up like his favorite dessert. That is how I found out that he loved science fiction. He has barely dozed since.

  By now, Lorenzo has written a couple of dozen speculative fiction stories. 14 of them appear in his book A Storm of Flowers. A subsequent book called, Eve of Valor: 25 Tales, 580 pages, adds another 11 shorts stories to the Storm of Flowers volume. Currently he is revising Eve of Valor: 25 Tales. In the planning stage is a novella in 3 parts tentatively titled, Mother Eve. Mainly as a joke, he wrote the non-fiction bitter-humor book Shrink Assault, which has become somewhat of a cult classic. 


You can read a published story here

My Pledge: To write speculative fiction stories that present men and women enhancing and expanding their survival and power. To encourage readers to recreate themselves as they wish, although under the charge to bring the opposite sex along with them into the greater heights.


You may email me for any reason. Want to tell me that you liked a piece of writing, tell me you hated it, give me suggestions, tell me about your writing attempts, ask my advice on something, whatever? Go ahead. Let's get in communication. I'll definitely get back to you.

Thanks! Message sent.

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