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Updated: Feb 24, 2019


"Three categories comprise our blog," Lorenzo said. However, he worried if he should relate how they play into the wonder of his words.

Whenever he couldn't decide some crucial point, he would scratch the brush on his pate - he'd changed his hair style two years ago from unruly twists of gray half-curls (see pix) to the 1/4 inch nap of today. He'd chosen easy maintenance over cursing his head's unwelcome blabbing, Muttering about the unfairness of is task, he scratched for the third time.

Under his resilient scalp, frowns were digging ditches in his forehead; the decision that faced him proved not as easy as hair-style choices. Not knowing which road to take, he sighed and lunged ahead, caring not what his readers thought.

The categories ripped from his keyboard, "Author News, Story News, and Writer/Reader Tips."

He remained unsatisfied. Slight nausea prompted his stomach to say, "Take a break. Get something to eat." Lorenzo switched off his mental gears and shoved his chair back on the parquet floor. Then with his butt raised 1/2 inch off the chair seat, he hesitated. What stopped him was this thought: "Ah, give the writer-block dead a choice; let them participate; bring them life."

Somewhere he'd read that letting readers contribute would enhance their interest. So he typed, "If you would like an additional category, let me know. For now though let's stick to the three mentioned." He thought that should get some interest going.

Feeling empowered now with this succinct introduction, he next wrote, "What should be each category's focus?" He relaxed back into his expository mode and continued,

  • "Author News: Essentially, what's going on with the author, what is he writing, what does he plan to write, what has he written, what's his writing schedule and how well does he keep to it, what are his strong and weak points, how does he recognized his errors, how does he improve, how does he decide what to write, from where does he get his ideas, how does he create a story from an idea, what are his writing goals, what's his purpose in writing? Plus at least a 100 other slants."

Now I'm cooking, Lorenzo guessed.

  • "Story News: Here we examine what the author has written, finished or incomplete. We are not so much concerned with the author as such, but with his creative output. The story's the thing. Is it done, is it published, what's the story about, what's its premise, theme, plot, outer and inner character, crisis, climax, resolution, genre? If he were wildly successful, his story would speak. We could ask it, did you achieve your mission, your purpose, your goal, or how well did you progress toward these things?"

Lorenzo realized vaguely that some boredom was slinking in, not only into him, and perhaps also into his readers; however, he rationalized that only a bit remained, thus he should finish it off.

  • "Writer/Reader Tips: Primarily this section is meant for readers and novice authors. We live in a world of limited time. How does a reader decide what to read? How should she or he decide this so as not to waste time? Once making the decision what to read, how should she or he proceed to get something out of the read. As for the novice author, he or she is an unpublished author. Why is this novice unpublished? The tips will help novices improve their writing so that someday they could be good enough to publish what readers want to read."

Lorenzo decided, even an attention-deficit teen could glance up from texting and understand what was just written. Something felt wrong with this conjecture though. He stared at his computer as if that alone would solve his dilemma.

He recalled what a famous screenwriter had said when an interviewer asked him how he overcame writer's block. "I hold my head to the paper until it's bloody," the screenwriter rejoined.

When Lorenzo did this, all he got was a headache. He gave up. "Don't try this at home; there are methods that actually work," he'll tell anyone who'll listen.

Lorenzo wonders, how could blog readers not find the above engaging? Still, he encourages their input to the blog and reminds them that to do this they must first perform two tasks: 1. Sign up in the member section of the Lorenzo Samuel site and 2. Activate the RSS feed for the blog.

He will publish the blog once a month. He wishes you to enjoy and hopefully benefit from it. And, send him a message any time about any subject.

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